screening mammography in 58y woman



Doctor's Information

Name : Nasrin,Nastaran
Family : Ahmadinejad,Abdi
Affiliation :Emam khomeini Hospital
Academic Degree : Associate professor of TUMS,Fellowship of breast imaging
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Case Section

Breast Imaging


Patient's Information

Gender : Female
Age : 58


Clinical Summary

Screening mammography in 58y women


Imaging Findings

First screening (image1-4)was done in 1391,focal trabecular thickening and tissue distortion is obvious in central outer portion of LT breast,no diagnostic recommendation or biopsy was suggested for the patient ,second screening (image 5-6) was done in 1392 and tissue distortion is more prominent and trabecular thickening (<1cm)is also obvious in FMCV,(growing lesion) BIRADS:5,biopsy has been done.


Differential Diagnosis



Final Diagnosis

invasive tubular carcinoma


Discussion (Related Text)

Breast cancer does not always produce a mammographically visible mass. It may produce only an area of architectural distortion. In general, the flow of structures within the breast is directed along duct lines toward the nipple. This pattern is superimposed on the crescentic planes of Cooper's ligaments, which form arcing, curvilinear, dense structures that crisscross the breast to insert on the undersurface of the skin, producing concave scalloped surfaces at the edge of the mammary parenchyma. Distorted architecture should be regarded with a high degree of suspicion, and, if three-dimensionally real and not due to previous surgery, biopsy is indicated



Breast Imaging, 3rd Edition, Daniel B. Kopans MD, FACR, 13 - Interpreting the Mammogram,page 422


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