36-year-old female with a lump in her left breast



Doctor's Information

Name : Mojgan
Family :Kalantari
Affiliation : Radiology Department,Mahdieh Hospital ,SBMU
Academic Degree: Assistant Professoe of Radiology
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Resident : Hussein Soleimantabar


Case Section

Breast Imaging


Patient's Information

Gender : Female
Age : 36


Clinical Summary

36-year-old female with a lump in her left breast



Imaging Findings

MLO and CC views of left breast mammogram show an oval shape homogeneous mass in upper inner quadrant which has relatively smooth and well-defined border. There is no microcalcification or architectural distortion. On ultrasound images the lesion is homogeneously hypoechoic with lobulated but distinct margins, measuring approximately 19*14mm.


Differential Diagnosis



Final Diagnosis



Discussion (Related Text)

Fibroadenomas are the most common well-defined solid masses seen on mammography. They are homogenous but frequently show large, coarse calcifications. They may have a lobulated contour, but there are usually only a few large lobulations. If a fibroadenoma is not calcified, it cannot be distinguished from a cyst by mammography. Sonography will allow characterization of fibroadenomas as solid hypoechoic masses. The peak age of patients with clinically detected fibroadenomas is 20 to 30 years; however, fibroadenomas are seen into the eighth decade. They rarely appear or grow after menopause.



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