46 year-old woman presenting for her first screen mammogram



Doctor's Information

Name : Maryam
Family :Noori
Affiliation : Teb Azma Imaging Center,Ghom,Iran
Academic Degree: Radiologist
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Case Section

Breast Imaging


Patient's Information

Gender : Female
Age : 46


Clinical Summary

46-year-old woman presents for her first screening mammogram



Imaging Findings

On performed screening mammogram, asymmetric densities are depicted at subareolar portion of both breasts, the patient categorized on BIRADS 0 & further evaluation using ultrasound is recommended. On U/S exam, a hypoechoic microlobulated mass is present at the 9-10 o'clock in medial zone of the left breast. U/S guided core biopsy was performed for diagnosis.


Differential Diagnosis

invasive lobular carcinoma, radial scar, desmoid tumor, fat necrosis, abcess


Final Diagnosis

Invasive ductal carcinoma (histologic grade 2-3)


Discussion (Related Text)

The classic description of breast cancer is a mass with an irregular shape & spiculated margin. Diagnosis would be greatly simplified if all cancers of the breast exhibited similar unique features, but unfortunately they do not. When the results of mammography are indeterminate, further evaluation is necessary; additional mammographic views such as focal compression mag view (FCMV) or U/S may be required for clarification.



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