23 y/o man with history of asthma and dyspnea



Doctor's Information

Name : Shahram
Family : Kahkueei
Affiliation :Assistant Professor of Radiology
Academic Degree : Radiology Department, Masih Hospital, SBMU
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Resident : Zahra Amini


Case Section

Chest Imaging


Patient's Information

Gender : Male
Age : 23


Clinical Summary

23 y/o man with dyspnea and asthma exacerbation


Imaging Findings

hyperaeration of lungs field with ground glass patches mostly in right lung base and posterior to heart is visible. fine interstitial networking is seen mimicing crazy paving pattern


Differential Diagnosis



Final Diagnosis

eosinophylic pneumonia


Discussion (Related Text)

pulmonary eosinophilia is a transient pulmonary process characterized pathologically by pulmonary infiltration with an eosinophilic exudate. Most patients have a history of allergy, most commonly asthma. The characteristic radiographic findings are peripheral, homogeneous, ill-defined areas of airspace opacities that may parallel the chest wall; this latter feature is best appreciated on CT. The opacities have been described as fleeting because there is a tendency for rapid clearing in one area with new involvement in other areas. A dry cough, dyspnea, and peripheral blood eosinophilia are common but are not invariably present. The diagnosis is based on the combination of pulmonary symptoms, blood eosinophilia, and characteristic radiographic findings. Most patients have a self-limiting illness that resolves spontaneously within 4 weeks.



Brant WE, Helms CA: Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology, 3rd ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2012.


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