A 19/Y Girle with headache



Doctor's Information

Name :  Morteza
Family :Sanei Taheri
Affiliation : ----------------
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Resident :  Morteza Alishah


Patient's Information

Gender :  Female
Age :  19


Case Section

Interventional Radiology


Clinical Summary

A 19/Y Girle with headache



Imaging Procedures and Findings

CT: A hyperdence region in medial of temporal lob & frontal lob is seen. MR: There is a hypo signal region in medial of temporal lob. ANGIO: An aneurism in proximal of MCA is seen.



Middle Cerebral Artery. The MCAsupplies more brain tissue than any other intracranial vessel and is host to almost two thirds of infarcts. Its offspring are the lateral lenticulostriate branches, which supply most of the basal ganglia region, and the hemispheric branches, which serve the lateral cerebral surface The lateral lenticulostriate branches arise from the proximal MCAas numerous small perforating end arteries distributed to the putamen, lateral globus pallidus, superior half of the internal capsule and adjacent corona radiata, and majority of the caudate. Isolated vascular lesions of the globus pallidus or putamen are commonly Small, patent aneurysms can be identified on spin echo MR studies as nodular expansions of flow void along the course of cerebral arteries. Such lesions are particularly sequences. The genu or "trifurcation" region of the middle cerebral artery and the junction of the anterior cerebral and anterior communicating arteries are common sites for intracranial aneurysms, as illustrated above. Attention to these vessels is an appropriate component of interpreting MR scans (along with noting the presence or absence of flow void in major arteries at the base of the skull). Larger patent aneurysms may present more complicated appearances. Zones of slow flow or stasis within giant aneurysms can generate regions of variable intensity that may be difficult to distinguish from thrombus.


Final Diagnosis

Rhigt Middle Cerebral Artery Aneurism



Fundamentals of diagnostic radiology / [edited by] William E. Brant and Clyde A. Helms.-3rd ed. Page 97 Second Edition MAGNETICRESONANCEIMAGING OFCNS DISEASE DOUGLAS H. YOCK, JR., MD page 446


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