26y/o female with pelvic pain



Doctor's Information

Name :  Hamidreza
Family :Haghighatkhah
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Resident :  Payam Asadi


Patient's Information

Gender :  Female
Age :  26


Case Section

Muskuloskeletal System


Clinical Summary

26y/o female with pelvic pain



Imaging Procedures and Findings

CT was performed in axial,saggital and coronal planes.there is calcified mass in proximal femur with extension to gluteus maximus,medius,biceps femoris,vastus medialis and rectus femoris muscles.also there is periosteal reaction in greater trochanter and posterior aspect of femoral neck.



a parosteal osteosarcoma originates from the periosteum of bone and grows outside the bone.it often wraps around the diaphysis without breaking through the cortex at all.it occurs in an older age group than the central osteosarcomas and is not as aggressive as it.a common location is posterior femur,near the knee.


Final Diagnosis

parosteal osteosarcoma



Brant WE,Helms CA.Fundamentals of diagnostic radiology.3rd edition,2007.


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