A 50 year old female with chronic low back pain



Doctor's Information

Name :  Farhad
Family :Niaghi
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Academic Degree: ----------------
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Patient's Information

Gender :  Female
Age :  50


Case Section

Muskuloskeletal System


Clinical Summary

A 50 year old female with chronic low back pain



Imaging Procedures and Findings

There is a mid saggital well corticated defect in body of L3 vertebrae and compensatory tenting of end-plates of L2 and L4 in favor of congenital nature of the defect.



Persistence of remnants of the fetal notochord in the center of a vertebral body results in a characteristic butterfly" appearance in films exposed in the coronal plane. The soft tissue in the defect that is continuous with the disk tissue above and below the affected body has been demonstrated by both CT and MRl and histologic proof of its notochordal origin has been provided in some cases.


Final Diagnosis

Butterfly vertebrae



Caffeys pediatric diagnostic imaging-tenth edition p.658


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