An infant girl with severe failure to thrive, and repeated vomiting



Doctor's Information

Name : Hamid reza
Family : Foroutan
Affiliation :Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Pediatric surgery ward
Academic Degree : Prof. of Pediatric Surgery
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Resident : Amir Hossein Hosseini


Case Section

Pediatric Radiology


Patient's Information

Gender : Male
Age : 11


Clinical Summary

An eleven-month-old infant girl with severe failure to thrive, and repeated vomiting since 2 months prior to admission.


Imaging Findings

In upper GI series, a mid-esophageal diverticulum was found.


Differential Diagnosis

Differential diagnosis of dysphagia:
• Foreign body
• Peptic esophageal stricture
• Neoplasm
• Schatzki ring
• Esophageal webs
• Diverticula
• Radiation injury
• Scleroderma
• Achalasia
• Diffuse esophageal spasm
• Nutcracker esophagus


Final Diagnosiss

Esophageal Diverticulum


Discussion (Related Text)

A diverticulum is a sac or pouch arising from a tubular organ, such as the esophagus. Dysphagia is the most common symptom associated with mid esophageal and epiphrenic diverticula, although it usually is related more to the underlying motility disturbance than to the diverticulum per se. However, on occasion, the diverticulum may be responsible for the dysphagia, particularly if it is very large and filled with food or a bezoar. Regurgitation and aspiration may be related to large mid esophageal and epiphrenic diverticula.





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