Muskuloskeletal System

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121 50-year-old man with knee swelling Written by Dr.Sanei Taheri 2732
122 A32 Y man with dorsal pain from 2 y ago Written by Dr.Sanei Taheri 2582
123 A 29Y/O man with back pain Written by Dr.Sanei Taheri 2944
124 44 y/o male with hand swelling Written by Dr.Haghighimorad 2832
125 A 50 year old female with chronic low back pain Written by Dr.Niaghi 2474
126 A 16-year-old man with fever, pain & swelling in his buttock Written by Dr.Noori 2394
127 A 65 Y/O woman with wrist pain Written by Dr.Sanei Taheri 2747
128 A 24 year old man with chronic wrist pain Written by Dr.Noori 2423
129 A 20 year old man with left wrist pain after a fall on his hand Written by Dr.Noori 2688
130 23 years old man with abdominal pain Written by Dr.Shirvandehi 2467
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