Muskuloskeletal System

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151 26y/o female with pelvic pain Written by Dr.Haghighatkhah 2147
152 31 years old man with pain in right shoulder Written by Dr.Bitarafan 2141
153 Young athlete with rotational leg injury Written by Dr.Sanei Taheri 2057
154 A 51/yo man with axillary mass Written by Dr.Haghighatkhah 2241
155 A 29 y/o man Dull pain ,insidious in onset, felt d Written by Dr.Sanei Taheri 2241
156 28 years old man with radicular pain of arm Written by Dr.Haghighatkhah 2256
157 62 years old man with weight loss&forearm pain Written by Dr.Haghighatkhah 2475
158 48 y/o man known case of MM, proved on biopsy Written by Dr.Malekzadeh Moghani 2439
159 A 74 Y/O woman with pelvic pain Written by Dr.Sanei Taheri 2388
160 A 15 y/o boy with limping and pain in left groin Written by Dr.Noori 2190
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