A 50 Y/O man with hx of car accident



Doctor's Information

Name :  Morteza
Family :Sanei Taheri
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Resident :  Payam Asadi


Patient's Information

Gender :  Male
Age :  50


Case Section



Clinical Summary

A 50 Y/O man with hx of car accident



Imaging Procedures and Findings

This patient has right calavicular fracture and CT angiography of thorax is obtained . CT angiography demonstrates contrast collection in course of subclavian artery (middle part ) due to right subclavian rupture and pseudoaneurysm formation. .



Contrast-enhanced CT scan be used to evaluate both indirect (mediastinal hemorrhage) and direct signs of vesseles injuries. Mediastinal hemorrhage appears as either diffuse or focal soft tissue attenuation surrounding mediastinal structures, and the location of the blood has diagnostic significance. Hemorrhage in the vicinity of and surrounding the aorta and other vascular structures is more suggestive of vascular injury.Direct signs of vessel injury are polypoid (clot) or linear (intimal flap) intraluminal areas of low attenuation, pseudoaneurysm, irregularity of the aortic wall, pseudocoarctation, intramural hematoma, dissection, and frank extravasation of contrast material.


Final Diagnosis

Psuedoaneurysm of right subclavian artery



Haaga John R, CT AND MRI OF THE WHOLE BODY , 5th edition , P 1120-1122


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