1 year old child with dyspnea



Doctor's Information

Name : Dr khalili
Family : Dr khalili
Affiliation :Radiology department,Mofid Hospital,SBMU
Academic Degree : Assistant professor of Radiology
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Resident : Hedieh zamini


Case Section

Pediatric Radiology


Patient's Information

Gender : Male
Age : 1


Clinical Summary

1 year old child with dyspnea


Imaging Findings

90*72*97 mm intrapulomonary cystic lesion in left lung upper zone with wall enhancement is seen .Heart and mediastinal shift toward right side are also evident .


Differential Diagnosis

bronchogenic cyst ,hydatid cyst


Final Diagnosis

hydatid cyst


Discussion (Related Text)

The lung is the second most common site of involvement with echinococcosis granulosus in adults after the liver (10-30% of cases), and the most common site in children1. The coexistence of liver and lung disease is present in only 6% of patients Thoracic involvement may occur via: •transdiaphragmatic route (0.6-16% of cases of hepatic disease) •haematogenous spread Although the echinococcosis granulosus presents commonly with unilocular cysts, echinococcosis multilocularis and echinococcosis vogeli may cause alveolar and polycystic echinococcosis. Radiographic features Chest CT scan features include : •multiple or solitary cystic lesion (most common) •diameter of 1-20 cm •unilateral or bilateral •predominantly found in the lower lobes Radiographic and CT features may differ in complicated and uncomplicated cysts. Uncomplicated cysts are characterized by: •round or oval masses with well-defined borders •enhancement after contrast injection •hypodense content relative to the capsule Complicated cysts may show: •meniscus sign or air crescent sign •cumbo sign or onion peel sign



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