A 66y/o male with hematuria



Doctor's Information

Name :  Morteza
Family :Sanei Taheri
Affiliation : ----------------
Academic Degree: ----------------
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Resident :  Ramin Pourghorban


Patient's Information

Gender :  Male
Age :  66


Case Section

Uroradiology & Genital Male Imaging


Clinical Summary

A 66 Y/O male with hematuria



Imaging Procedures and Findings

abdominopelvic CT images show multiple pulmonary and liver nodules consistent with metastasis lung window shows asymmetric bony thorax suggesting bone involvement osteoblastic left rib metastasis with speculated margin is apparent in mediastinal window



Bladder cancer is the fourth most common malignancy in men and is predominantly a disease of older men in the sixth and seventh decades of life. The most common clinical presentation is painless hematuria that ultimately results in urinalysis, cystoscopy, and biopsy. sectional contrast-enhanced CT is the study of choice for bladder cancer staging. Several studies suggest that MRI with gadolinium may be more accurate for staging, but there is currently no consensus on the role of MRl


Final Diagnosis

biopsy proven urinary bladder TCC with liver,lung and blastic bone metastasis



Haaga J: CT and MR imaging of the whole body, 5th ed. Philadelphia: Mosby, 2009.


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