A 45 year-old woman with history of hysterectomy



Doctor's Information

Name :  Nooshin
Family :Behboodi
Affiliation : Radiology Department,Shohada Tajrish Hospital,SBMU
Academic Degree: Assistant Professor of Radiology
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Resident :  Arezo Negahdari


Patient's Information

Gender :  Female
Age :  45


Case Section

Uroradiology & Genital Male Imaging


Clinical Summary

A 45 year-old woman with history of hysterectomy



Imaging Procedures and Findings

Contrast ??enhanced CT reveals enhancement in both the bladder and vagina with the fistulous tract between the bladder and the vagina.



Vesicovaginral fistulae result in painless constant dribbling of urine from the vagina. They are a known complication in patients undergoing hysterectomy or other pelvic surgery, especially when preoperative Irradiation was used. Seventy-five percent of cases occur after hysterectomy for a benign condition, whereas the remainders are found after hysterectomy in patients with a pelvic malignancy. Vesicovaginal fistulae, because of their typically large size, are usually relatively easy to demonstrate with cystography, CT, or MRI. To visualize the contrast-filled vagina during cystography, oblique, lateral or post voiding films may be necessary.


Final Diagnosis

Vesicovaginal Fistula



Reed dunick,textbook of uroradiology fourth edition.


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